Full Metal Zombie
Horror online escape room 

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Full Metal Zombie
Zombie online escape room.

Ultimate horror night in!

A description of the Full Metal Zombie Escape Game

The apocalypse is here! S.A.S Delta 6 have been wiped out, only you remain. The zombies know you're still alive. Blackhawk Command received the call to 'Bring the Rain' to Ever-Rise City, giving you 60 minutes to "Get the Hell out of there!". To escape, you must shoot your way out with a shotgun, sniper rifle and the 'Swarmer'. Find the anti-virus to stop the spread. Then, if luck is on your side, hitch a lift with Blackhawk Command before the 'Rain' destroys the city and everything that moves in it.
It's time to escape the apocalypse.
It's time to make the living dead die.

  • This escape room is great for horror fans and fans of Resident Evil 1 & 2.

  • Recommended age 15+

  • Players: 1+  Devices: 1

  • Escape room type: Horror

  • Contains zombie scares, gore and violence

  • Mobile/cell phone/tablet friendly with iOS 12 and above & Android: 9.0 and above.

  • Compatible with Chrome or Safari browsers