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Hello, escaper!

 First and foremost - thank you for visiting our online escape room website. We're glad you're here!
We hope you enjoy our digital escape rooms and, ultimately, stick with us as
BOFFO escape members.

You love escape rooms, right? As do we. With a background in physical escape rooms, we wanted to transfer onto the digital platform. But what do we do - buy ready-made games like some escape companies do or develop our own? Well, take anything ready-made such as meals - they do a job but are mass-produced, tasteless and leave you feeling disappointed. And the lack of choice means you keep seeing the same-old-same-old everywhere you look, in every store.

We've developed our online escape games to be more exciting, different and unique than others you may have played before, based on three simple principles: originality, price and ease of use.
So, let us explain -


 How many break the bank or rogue agent escape rooms can you stomach?
Because we, at
BOFFO, develop our escape games, there is no limit to the imagination.
We can push and smash boundaries in the escape room world. And we do!
Our immersive and storyline driven games could be on any subject or genre.

Don't just know you've completed a puzzle - celebrate it and watch it unfold with our cinematic cut scenes.
Want to bring the puzzle scene to life? Hit the play button for exciting background music, sounds and effects. If you're a fan of silence, then don't! The choice is yours!

So, if you're looking for online escape rooms for kids & families, serious horror nights in or escapism with fantasy games that bring the cinematic touch, we've got you covered.

Why not test us? If you have an idea for a digital escape room, send it to us here. We'll put it to a vote and, if enough site members agree, we'll build it! How's that for being original.



Okay, let's be honest here. When you buy an digital escape room from BOFFO it's yours.    A one-time purchase. It sits in your members' area indefinitely, so no need to search your junk email. We don't do "Hey, you've got 24 hours to play before the link gets it!" or "Be quick, your purchase expires in 3 months!".

We love building digital escape rooms, you love to play them, and we want you to come back for every new release. You wouldn't buy a pair of trainers that dissolved after 3 months, would you? 


So like everything we do at BOFFO, we decided to do things differently on price and do what we think was right for you. Sure we invest hour after hour designing them, developing them and building them, but that's what we do. We also felt uncomfortable charging you if you have a friend who wanted to play, too. So it was decided on one low price and if you wanted to play our escape games on your own or invite 50 friends to come and sit around your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, then so be it.



It's official! The world is mobile. So online escape rooms should be, too. Gone are the days when a pocket used to carry nothing but loose change and fluff. We thought this part was critical to you, the escaper. We knew that you would want to play digital escape rooms no matter where you were or however you were travelling there. BOFFO's got you covered!


Our online escape games are compatible with mobiles, tablets & laptops with iOS 12 or Android 9.0 or above. Just login in for instant access and instant play. Easy!

That is, of course, unless you've just purchased a 50+ mile extension cable and trolley for your P.C to go everywhere with you. If you have - we're sorry.



So, in a nutshell, BOFFO make great online escape rooms for you, your pocket and your games night.

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